Custom print FAQs

Do I need to enter information exactly as I would like it to appear on the map?

Yes! Please double check the information you include as we will use it exactly as you enter it. Therefore, please make sure you think about how you would like the date to look e.g. 09/10/22 or 10 October, 2022 or October 10th, 2022.

We would also recommend you enter official finish times in the format 00:00:00 so a typical marathon time would be 04:23:56 as this is how it is often done in the official results.

I don't have the race route information, is this a problem?

No! Usually we can find any route for any event within reason. The only time we struggle is if the event is from +10 years ago so please check with us before ordering for very old races. 

Do you do custom colour options?

We don't offer custom colours as standard but we want to make sure you are happy with how your print looks so if you have a colour in mind please get in touch to discuss that with us! 

Can I upload a route from Strava or other GPS tracker?

Yes! Routes from Strava and trackers are great as it means we can be 100% accurate with our route prints. You can upload a file on the custom print listing or contact us to send it over.

Can I make changes to a custom order? 

As long as we haven't printed and posted your order there is still time to make changes but please contact us ASAP to make sure we can get it done for you -

Does a custom order take longer?

Fulfilling a custom order will take a few days longer than usual but we still aim to get it done within our 4 day fulfilment window.

Can I track my order?

Yes! You will be updated with tracking information once your order ships.

How come some prints contain the full event title and others don't?

Some event names are protected by copyright which prevents us from using the event title on our prints. For example, we cannot use 'London Marathon' but we can use 'London'. This unfortunately occurs with a lot of the big races around the world.