At My Active Map, we believe in creating a medium for athletes to celebrate their triumphs with our customisable, collectible prints. We empower athletes to commemorate their achievements and we want to partner with you to bring that to your participants.


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Risk Free Revenue Sharing Model

We propose a risk free revenue-sharing model which would see the event organiser receiving a share of the revenue generated from the sale of My Active Map prints. This ensures that your event not only benefits from the enhanced participant engagement our product brings but also from a share of the revenue generated at no risk and no cost to the organisation.


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Participant Engagement

Our platform allows athletes to create something truly unique by customising their prints with finish time and information. This level of customisation adds a special touch to their keepsakes forming a lasting connection to your event. Since launching we have seen a strong trend in customers returning to add to their print collection. This provides another reason for participants to seek out events that partner with us to add to their gallery of prints.


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Reliable Track Record

Since founding the business in April 2022, we have fulfilled thousands of orders in more than 15 countries with more than 240 5* reviews on Etsy alone. We have recently agreed a deal with Run4Wales to produce our prints for all of their events.
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Personalised Experience

My Active Map prints create a tangible memento and lasting  personal experience. Your participants can immortalise their achievement and proudly display it on their wall for years to come. This not only encourages individuals to celebrate their accomplishment, but also creates a lasting connection to the event. No more medals hanging on the back of a door or hidden away in a drawer. Our prints are designed to be displayed anywhere and look great.
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Awareness and Visibility

We know nothing is more powerful than a word of mouth recommendation from a trusted friend or family member. Partnering with us creates the opportunity for these interactions like never before. Customer feedback tells us our prints have become conversation pieces at home as well as highly sharable on social media. Imagine the situation, you're at a friends house and notice our eye-catching print on the wall, this sparks a conversation about the event and the positive experience the participant had and before you know it that interaction has led to you looking up when the next event is. We believe this provides a truly powerful marketing opportunity for your events.